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Will the Real Bill Bauer Please Stand Up?

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To better acquaint you with myself and what you can expect from me, a friend of mine gave me some questions that I hope might give my clients get a better feel for who I am, my style and what you will receive... should you choose to hire me.


Q: Who is Bill Bauer?:

A:  I am a fun, creative, and professional photographer.  I like to personally get to know each of my clients before the wedding day.  I feel like couples are more inclined to enjoy having their pictures taken when they know & LIKE their photographer.  I always hope to develop a relationship with each client that I will have for years to come.

This relationship is what makes my style...being able to be myself.  It is a style that has evolved over the years and I believe that it will continue to do so, as I learn and grow.  The one thing I never want to change is the sincerity in each shot a take. I always try to capture the happiness of the wedding day, so whatever I might ask you to do, however I have asked you to pose, I always ask that you have a good time with it and trust in me.  I believe when you do this, the shot always ends up being spectacular.


Q: How long have you been a photographer and what drew you to it?

A: I have been into photography for about 8 years.  I can recall my family and friends poking fun at me because of the strange things I was taking pictures of, little did they know I was just emerging in skills that would develop into expertise.  I've had great practice shooting kids and family since 2007...lots of nieces and nephews!  I stumbled into wedding photography in 2008, from friends asking me if I'd do it.  Since then, my quality has increased drastically, but my interest and passion have remained constant.  

I also like how there is always something new to buy...  I mean learn. :)  Now-a-days, I focus most of my attention on learning lighting and I am trying to get into doing more studio work.


Q: Are you the actual photographer who will be shooting on my wedding day?

A: Yes, but I always have another person there assisting or second shooting.


Q: Can I submit a shot list?

A: Of course, and I expect you to.  That said, I ask that you please trust that I always make sure to capture the big and little details of your wedding day.  After all this is my main goal and is inherently what makes my job my job.  The most helpful thing is a list of grouping for the family formals.  Beyond that, I will be on a mission to capture as many details and moments as I can in the time given.  


Q: Do you shoot destination weddings?

A: Yes and I'd love the opportunity.


Q: What camera do you use and do you have back up equipment?

A: I shoot Nikon and I always have at least 2 cameras with me.  I have actually been in a situation when one of my cameras fell and broke.  I make sure to always be prepared.  I also have an array of lenses, my favorite being my 70-200.  It gives me great versatility, great for most situations.  My second is my 50mm.  Its a bit limited at times but the images it creates are some of my favs.


Q: Are you fully insured?

A: Yes, absolutely.


Q: How many times to we get to meet with you?

A: I try to meet each client 2-3 times before the actual wedding day.  Of course there is the engagement shoot, but it is not unusual for a bride/groom to want to meet closer to the wedding to go over details or go look at the venue(s).  Lets hang out!  


Q: How do you conduct yourself on the wedding day?

A: I am professional, but I also try to keep thing light.  I am always fun, but when something needs to be done there is definitely a sense of urgency and assertiveness.


Q: We would like to include some props in our wedding day photo’s how does that work?

A: If you provide them, I’m happy to incorporate them.


Q: How many high-resolutions images will I receive?

A: This number depends on the size of the wedding, but I can guarantee a ton of variety.


Q: Now that the wedding day has past, how long will it be before I get to see my images?

A: I try to have them completed in 4 weeks, but no longer than 6.  If things are going to take longer, I always make sure to be in close contact with the client.  Feel free to check in anytime to get an ETA.  


Q: I like black and white images, can I have some changed?

A: Any image can be changed to B&W or other artistic conversions.


Q: I really LOVE my photos!  What's the best way that I can express my happiness and gratitude?

A: As the saying goes...your best compliment is a referral.  I also love and benefit greatly from reviews on Wedding Wire.  I’ve had a lot of success through word of mouth, which I believe is the ultimate homage.








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