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I ain't afraid of no GHOST!

October 24, 2014  •  1 Comment

So I must admit, I've been holding out on sharing the Glass wedding, but I promise with good reason. First let me tell you a little bit about Molly & Tony's big day. They were wed at the Treehouse Campground in Rohrersville, MD on September 6th. It was pouring down that day and I was so relieved that it stopped just in time for these two. (Side Note: I did learn that Avon's Skin So Soft is hands down the best bug repellant!) Molly got ready in the Hobbit House which is a cabin built into the ground. It was so unique and full of color. The wedding was fantastic and these guest had a blast! The music was jamming, the beer FLOWING and the pups...well they were happy to be included.

So with Halloween readily approaching, I wanted to share some of the eerie moments that the Glass couple have endured at this HAUNTED campground. They have heard random knocks on their cabin door & pounding on the ground which doesn't add up considering all the cabins are built on stilts, eight to ten feet off the ground. Also an item or two have gone missing and then in true spooky fashion, it'll turn up on their last day on the front porch. If all that isn't enough to give you goose bumps, do yourself a favor and check out their final photo...


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BAM! Do you see that creepy blob in the top left corner? I was shooting at night, in front of the pavilion and within 30 seconds between shots this appeared. Nothing changed. Not the camera settings, the lighting remained the same and then the BLOB appeared. Call it what you will, but as for me...I'm calling it a GHOST!


Awesome photo!! Here at Maple Tree, we have come to know our wood Spirits quite well!
Wood Fairies often come out during weddings to sprinkle Fairy dust and good will.
They also pop out on week ends to bring Peace and Happiness to the campground.
Just like Santa Clause though, they know who is naughty or nice...bwahahaha...!!!

Must say, Molly and David's wedding was truly magical.
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