The Bashman Turns 3

March 01, 2015  •  2 Comments

Tammy and I are still at ends on when Sebastian's birthday should be celebrated, when it is not a leap year.  February 28th or March 1st?  I say March 1st because he was born the day AFTER February 28th, but Tam says since he was born in the month of Feb, he should be celebrated in that month.  We find that people are pretty divided, but I think most people tend to agree with me :)  Sorry Tam...

What's your call?

Most likely, we will not feel like its really his birthday on either day, 'til he is old enough to understand the calendar and pick which one he wants.  My prediction?  He will insist on a two day celebration ;)

Either way, our boy is another year older and we just can't believe it has gone by this cliche as that saying goes.  So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our Sebastian James!



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T.J. Fletcher(non-registered)
Being as though, I am a leap year baby, I can tell you from experience. There will always be that argument as to what day to actually celebrate. Most people wish me "Happy Birthday" on Feb 28th.........but the late peope always have that extra day, March 1st. I personally would celebrate closest to the weekend. I would celebrate all week, then "my birthday" month. We leap year babies get a pass and celebrate as much as possible. After all, what's not to celebrate when you have someone as special as 'Bash Man". Everyday with him is a celebration.
my vote is March 1st he wasn't here yet on the 28th sorry Tam. Lol He will still be a Feb baby.
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