Mini-Session Teaser Take 2

August 27, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

My busy season has begun & I couldn't be happier. Thanks to everyone for your patience and without further ado, here are more teasers from our beach mini-sessions! Enjoy!

BB-5BB-5 BB-6BB-6 BB-7BB-7 BB-10BB-10 BB3_6025BB3_6025 BB3_6122BB3_6122 BB3_6134BB3_6134 BB3_6155BB3_6155 BB3_6187BB3_6187 BB3_6246BB3_6246 BB3_6286BB3_6286 BBP_2391BBP_2391 BB3_6362BB3_6362 BB3_6392BB3_6392 BB3_6437BB3_6437 BB3_6447BB3_6447 BB3_6482BB3_6482 BBP_2431 2BBP_2431 2 BB3_6600BB3_6600 BB3_6712BB3_6712 BBP_2615BBP_2615 BBP_2670 2BBP_2670 2 BBP_2676 2BBP_2676 2 BBP_2746BBP_2746


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